Formed in 1956, the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps is an internationally known name in the marching arts.

As our organization grew, we did what many groups like ours did: we started selling merchandise. That side hustle grew into an important slice of our annual budget, and eventually became the leading merchandising program in our activity. Outselling our competition was just one more way we pursued excellence.

Now, we're offering our merchandising expertise and buying power to other organizations, to help generate the brand awareness and supplemental income they need to reach the next level.

We've bundled our volume discounts, customer service practices, order fulfillment services, art file processing, and creative talents into a suite of services that enables others to get the advantages of our ongoing merch program.

My Phan Shop page is the ideal merchandising solution for your organization. It provides a vast array of quality merchandise with no financial commitment required to participate. You can easily build your brand and generate mission-supporting income that was previously out of your reach. Together, we can build more leaders for tomorrow through strong organizations today.



Anyone who's ever tried to buy t-shirts for team building or sell some swag for their event knows how quickly things can snowball. First you're guessing at sizes and quantities, the next thing you know, you're doing merch full time.

My Phan Shop eliminates the hassle and gives you your life back. Your fans do the clicking, and we handle the rest. All you have to do is send your link.


    What's your idea? Our team can identify the best Phan Shop solution to match your scope and your brand.


    You provide your brand elements and choose your swag. Our team builds your custom site to share with the world. We'll update you as the orders roll in.


    We pack and ship your orders, and can handle any issues with fulfillment or customer service. You enjoy unboxing your brand.

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